Surgery (from the Greek. Χειρουργικń, from the Greek. Χειρ - hand and έργον - action work) - area of ​​medicine dealing with acute and chronic diseases that are treated using surgical (surgical) method. Surgical treatment consists of several steps: preparing the patient for surgery, anesthesia (narcosis) and of the surgery. Surgery includes surgical approach (incision of the skin or mucous membrane), surgical treatment of the body, restoring the integrity of tissues damaged during surgery.
Many problems can arise and must be solved by surgical treatment in hospitals, but some of them can be solved and outpatients. Our medical center gives you the opportunity to get expert help and advice on the surgery.
It offers advice and treatment (including a radical) for general surgery:
  1. Surgeon consultations.
  2. Surgical procedures: dressing, overlay and sow the plaster splints, and intra-muscular blockade, therapeutic and diagnostic puncture with collection of material for research, rectal examination.
  3. Sclerotherapy of veins.
  4. General surgery:
  • Primary debridement;
  • Opening and drainage of boils, carbuncles, or hidradenitis sup-;
  • Opening and drainage of abscesses or soft tissue abscesses brush;
  • Opening of cutaneous or subcutaneous felon;
  • Opening and drainage of bone or joint or tendon felon;
  • Primary treatment of burns and excision of necrotic tissue;
  • Excision purulent bartholinitis;
  • Removal of the nail;
  • Removal of ingrown nail;
  • Removal of benign tumors of the skin and subcutaneous tissue (using the device "Surgitron");
  • Rectoscopy.
Timely access to a doctor, a surgeon, accurate diagnosis and efficient treatment will help avoid further complicated, expensive and often dangerous surgical procedures.