Medical services


The medical center offers a wide range of services in the field of gynecology:
1. Consultation obstetrician-gynecologist.
2. Ultrasound examination of the genitourinary system:
- Uterus and appendages with the bladder (transabdominal);
- Uterus and appendages (transvaginal);
- Fruit in the I, II and III trimester of pregnancy;
3. Gynecological manipulation and procedure:
- kolposkopiya simple;
- Extended colposcopy with cytology, biopsy of the cervix and scraping from the cervix;
- The taking of samples taken from urethra and cervical channel for diagnostic (including - by PCR), sexually transmitted infections with the aim of appropriate treatment;
- The taking of material for comprehensive research on pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic flora (swabs, scrapings, crops);
4. Treatment methods:
- The introduction of medical swabs
- Physiotherapy (magnetic therapy, laser therapy);
- IRT.
5. Gynaecological surgery:
- diatermoelektrokoagulyatsiya;
- The introduction of intrauterine contraception;
- Removal of intrauterine contraception;
- A biopsy of the cervix (turbinotomy);
- A biopsy of the cervix;
- Ehosalpingografiya.
6. Medical abortion.
7. Laboratory diagnosis of hormonal disorders, problems with conception and carrying a pregnancy, the risk of cancer.
The Cabinet of the medical center "Equator" is equipped with a colposcope. Treatment of erosions produced by diathermocoagulation (Surgitron machine). For a more comfortable visit only used disposable instruments, an office equipped with a comfortable armchair and a gynecological modern diagnostic equipment.
Gynecology (from the Greek. Gyne, genitive gynaikos - from the Greek woman. Lógos - word, teaching), the study of anatomical and physiological, physical, psychological peculiarities of the female organism and their disorders. As in life, women play an important role sexual function - menstrual, genital et al., Gynecology in the narrow sense - the doctrine of the physiology and pathology of the genital organs of women, prevention and treatment of diseases of the female reproductive organs.
Modern gynecology is a complex integrated discipline that protects the health of the woman throughout her life. This branch of medicine includes pediatric gynecologist and gynecological endocrinology and treatment of inflammatory, infectious diseases, and family planning and contraception issues, and management of patients with menopausal age selection regime of hormone replacement therapy, and treatment of urinary incontinence. We should also mention the treatment of cervical, gynecological oncology.
Modern diagnostic techniques allow detection of gynecological gynecological diseases in the early stages, to carry out their effective prevention and treatment.