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Physical therapy

Physiotherapy - a treatment with natural and physical factors, heat and cold, ultrasound, electric current, magnetic field, laser, ultraviolet, infrared, and other types of radiation, mud, water, massage, girudoterapija et al.

The definite advantage over other methods of physiotherapy treatment - its high performance coupled with safety. It not only does not require the use of drugs, but also because of its active role in the body reduces medication at times by increasing the body's sensitivity to the therapeutic properties of drugs. Physiotherapy helps to minimize possible side effects and unpleasant consequences of both the disease and its treatment, and sometimes would endanger the security forces of the body.Physiotherapy wakes internal reserves of the body, strengthens the immune system and thus reduces treatment time, accelerates the healing of wounds and inflammations, activates key biochemical processes in the body, adjusting the body's natural forces of recovery. Physical therapy has been used successfully to treat a variety of diseases of organs and systems of the human body. As an independent method of treatment of physical therapy is effective in the early stages of the disease. Physiotherapy - a great tool prevention of many diseases. Most often it is used as an additional method in the general course of treatment.

In our center, we presented the following types of physical therapy:

Laser therapy or laser therapy. At the heart of biostimulating laser therapy effects on the human body - the impact of directional light flux (laser) in the living tissue. By absorbing light, activate enzymes in the body of the most important biochemical processes, and the cells are updated, restore their livelihoods, included self-regulation mechanisms, the natural forces of the body are mobilized. Under the influence of laser therapy are expanding capillaries, improves blood circulation, tissue nutrition, and all of this together leads to the fact that accelerates the healing process in the affected areas. Laser therapy has beneficial effects on the immune system, reduce blood viscosity, increases lymph flow, reduces cholesterol, analgesic, has antimicrobial, antiviral and antiallergic effect. Laser therapy, as well as other methods of physical therapy, helps to reduce the time of treatment, to prevent the transition of acute to chronic, and most importantly, to achieve a positive effect, minimal doses of drugs. Short sessions of laser therapy that a patient goes to remote periods after treatment, strengthen health: stimulates metabolism and nutrition of organs and tissues, reduce the likelihood of early onset of age-related changes, such as menopause in women and impotence in men.

Magnetic therapy using the system-wide magnetic field has a healthy effect on the body, each cell which is the final receiver of electromagnetic signals through the activation of compensatory-adaptive mechanisms - internal reserves. Magnetic therapy improves cerebral blood flow and myocardial oxygen saturation as a result of normal blood pressure, reduced blood sugar, enhance immunity, normalizes the activity of internal organs. With the help of the vortex magnetic field stimulates the body's internal biological reserves for active protection against the damaging effects of the environment, has analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect, which contributes to a real improvement of health: improving mood, appetite, sleep, increases efficiency. Physiotherapy using the influence of the magnetic field at the same time the whole body allows to influence directly on all body systems, including the nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular and lymphatic, as well as metabolism and redox processes, and others. The normalization of the redox balance makes patients resistant to stress, helps him cope with the disease faster. The therapeutic effect of magnetic therapy appears effective in acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system, chronic inflammation of the digestive system, with calculous gallbladder disease forms, with hypertension and others.

Electrical stimulation is crucial in complex regenerative treatment of injuries and diseases of the nervous system, leading to the restriction of active movements, a decrease of power and wasting (weight loss) of muscle.

Electrical stimulation, causing the motor excitation and contraction of muscles at the same time reflexively enhances the entire complex exchange-trophic processes aimed at the energy supply to the working muscles, as well as increased activity of regulatory systems, including cells of the cerebral cortex. With the passage of an electric current along the stimulating nerve trunks increases the conductivity of nervous excitement it accelerates regeneration of damaged nerves. Muscle contraction induced by stimulating electrical current even at full nerve conduction disturbance, due to the above processes, inhibits muscle atrophy and sclerotic lesions (degeneration of the connective tissue in the muscle, i.e. a tissue not able to actively reduce) therein. 
Electrostimulation improves blood circulation by dilating the blood vessels and accelerating blood flow in them, such as this is manifested in the skin erythema (redness) and raising the temperature of the skin under the electrodes. Activation of blood and lymph circulation occurs in the deeper tissues of the interelectrode space, increases the permeability of vascular wall expanded reserve capillaries. Hyperemia arises not only from the effects of electrical stimulation of the reflex, but also due to the direct effects on the vascular wall of biologically active substances produced in the stimulated tissue, such as histamine, acetylcholine, adrenaline and others. Activation of blood circulation under the influence of electrical stimulation is a factor that contributes to many of the components of the treatment process.This improvement in trophism (nutrition) tissue, removal of the products of metabolic disorders of the lesions, resorption of swelling, softening and resorption of scarring, regeneration (recovery) of damaged tissues, normalization of disturbed functions. Along with the improvement of circulation area activated processes stimulated synthesis of nucleic acids, including RNA.

Diadynamic is therapeutic effects on various organs of the body of the patient diadynamic currents. Such currents are two current pulses polusinusoidalyyuy shape - the first is a continuous single-cycle with a frequency of 50 pulses per second, and the second - a continuous push-pull rate of 100 pulses per second. In the procedures, both current diadynamic therapy is used to treat specific diseases with the alternation of them together or interrupted by pauses. 


Pressure therapy (pressomassazh, pneumomassage) - impact on the lymphatic system of the compressed air supplied through a special suit. During the session, you put pressure therapy special jacket or pants in that injected compressed air.Unique costumes, including lymph drainage pants and jacket, provides an active full body massage with the help of compressed air. Today, pressure therapy - one of the most effective methods in the fight against cellulite and varicose veins.

The idea of this procedure is to activate the receptors of the cells responsible for the breakdown of fat, and simultaneously, to purify and to energize the skin. It is a method of physiotherapy, which is a method of mechanical impact on the underlying tissues, resulting in the displacement of these excess extracellular fluid - lymph drainage.

This sort of "squeezing out massage" is not performed manually, using special equipment that allows dosing effects by changing the density and permeability of fabrics. Only one procedure replaces 20-30 sessions of manual massage.

Work device mimics muscle contractions. Undulating movement created by air pressure, help to improve blood and lymph circulation. And it is just necessary in overt and covert edema lymphostasis and excretion of excess liquid. That in itself leads to weight loss, correction of figure flaws, get rid of edema of various origins of cellulite, improves elasticity of tissues.

Pressure therapy rather quickly strengthens and rejuvenates the body and is especially good for those women who are contraindicated ultrasound, electrophoresis, or hand massage.

Physical therapy techniques effectively complement the pharmacological component of integrated treatment process, avoids unwanted side effects and achieve a stable positive results of treatment. But the key element of a successful diagnostic and therapeutic process is a physician. Therefore, the procedure should take place only after prior consultation with a specialist - for maximum efficacy and patient safety.