Medical services



Even in ancient times it was observed that different kinds of effects (impacts, cuts, wounds, injections, burns) on certain parts of the body brings relief to a number of diseases, and sometimes even cure them. Collected over many centuries this kind of knowledge formed the medical system, which is now known as reflexology.

This science, which originated more than five thousand years ago, and has accumulated a centuries-old experience of doctors of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and other countries of the East, has received today a world recognition.

The concept of reflexology is collective in nature and includes a number of different therapeutic techniques and methods of influence on reflex zones of the human body and acupuncture points.

Reflexology is used neurologists, therapy, pediatrics, ophthalmology otorhinolaryngology, dentistry, obstetrics and gynecology, psychiatry, Addiction, anesthesiology, and for the purpose of rehabilitation and rehabilitation, prevention of pathological reactions to strong external influences. For the impact on the active points (acupuncture points) are used for a variety of strength, character and duration of stimulation.

In the medical center "Equator", the following methods of acupuncture:

  • Classical Acupuncture (acupuncture) - impact on the energy system of the body through acupuncture points with special needles with their penetration through the skin;
  • Auriculotherapy - the impact of microneedles on the acupuncture points of ears.