About center

General information

Medical center "Equator" Medical center "Equator" opened in 2011.
The purpose of our center - to maintain and strengthen your health and beauty. Here you will get a highly professional medical help in time to identify possible problems in the functioning of organs and systems, and prevent the occurrence of diseases in the future.
"Equator" - a stylish design, comfortable lounges, comfortable rooms with the most modern medical equipment, the combination of a friendly, welcoming atmosphere and understanding with highly qualified staff.
  • clinical and diagnostic testing in laboratories: clinical tests, hematological, biochemical, hormonal, immunological, bacteriological research, and get expert advice of doctors laboratory diagnostics, including -zav.laboratoriey on the appointment of the analysis and interpretation of the results;
  • day stay in the office, located in our center, in the direction of various specialists - a course of intensive treatment (intramuscular, intravenous and subcutaneous injections, drip, holding blockades, control blood pressure);
  • physical therapy (laser therapy, magnetic therapy, ultrasound therapy);
  • Course spa treatment (underwater massage shower, whirlpool baths: pearl, whirlpool with sea salt, mud: the Crimean silt sulphide mud of Saki Lake, sapropelic mud freshwater lakes, including - sapropel "Radon");
  • thermotherapy in SPA- capsule (using various heating technologies: steam, infrared heat), dry heat sauna, vibration therapy, aromatherapy, music therapy function, oxygen therapy.
Treatment base
Treatment and diagnostic rooms:
  • Cabinet radiography - dental and panoramic;
  • Therapeutic study;
  • Cardiology office;
  • Gynecological surgeries;
  • Prostate office;
  • The surgery;
  • Neurological office;
  • Classrooms ultrasound diagnostics;
  • Cabinet holterovskogomonitorirovaniya;
  • Cabinet electrocardiography;
  • Treatment room;
  • The Cabinet of day care;
  • Clinical and diagnostic laboratory;
  • PCR laboratory;
  • Cabinet electroencephalography.
Physiotherapy rooms:
  • Cabinet reflexology;
  • Cabinet whirlpool (underwater shower massage, pearl, whirlpool baths with sea salt);
  • Spa treatment room (SPA capsule including - with oxygen therapy);
  • Cabinet of physiotherapy (laser-, magnet therapy, ultrasound therapy);
  • Mud baths (sapropel "Radon", the Crimean sulphide mud of Saki Lake).
The recreation center provides treatment and testing of the newest medical equipment of leading domestic and foreign manufacturers, allows you to quickly and efficiently conduct research, highly skilled personnel center uses the most effective methods of treatment.